Hi! My name is Kim Pasquini. I am a wife to an amazing husband, Mom to two beautiful children whom I  homeschooled for 20 years...but first and foremost, I am a daughter of The King, Jesus Christ!

My business began over 23 years ago. Since then, I have studied photography and have grown very passionate about capturing those special moments that seem to come and go so quickly. Life is short, and photography is a great way to make time stand still, even if only in pictures.  I specialize in natural light photography for it's beauty.  Indoor flash photography feels so harsh, and since my goal is to capture a more accurate photo of how people, pets and places look, natural light is best.

More about me...I traveled quite a bit when I was younger. I lived in South Africa for a while, traveled to Europe, South America and the entire lower 48 in the USA. I've gone down the Grand Canyon on a mule, para-sailed behind a motorboat, sat on the back of an ostrich while hanging on for dear life, been in a plane crash, worked for Child Protective Services and I'm still alive to tell about it all. I love pizza, ice cream, Shortbread and my favorite color at the moment is green. I am Scottish and very proud of my heritage! My life is centered around God, my family, my friends and my photography....and lots of coffee!

God has created a pretty amazing world filled with beauty and mystery. This is a small glimpse of what it looks like through my eyes.

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