Interlude Photography: Blog en-us (C) Interlude Photography [email protected] (Interlude Photography) Tue, 21 Jul 2020 13:58:00 GMT Tue, 21 Jul 2020 13:58:00 GMT Interlude Photography: Blog 90 120 Senior Photos - Carter Senior portraits have to be my favorite type of photo session!  Bringing out the personality of each senior is a challenge, especially when I have never met them before, but it's definitely something I enjoy doing.  Carter was very easy to work with.  He posed easily, and knew without me even telling him to sometimes look away from the camera for a pose or two.  I could tell he was a more serious young man, and when I asked what he'd like to do following graduation, he said he was going into the Army.  I have nothing but respect for him, and you can certainly tell from his photos, that he will be an asset to our US Army! 

Congratulations on your senior year, Carter!  Blessings to you as you pursue your dream!  Be safe and make us all proud!

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Senior Photos - Zak We started out simple...a few photos among the autumn foliage, some beside the stream running through.  It was fun, but I could tell we were not in Zak's element.  Every parent wants the serious photos, the ones that look more 'formal'.  He did a great job, and I love how the photos came out, but when we changed gears and he got into his sports uniforms, it was then he truly came out of his shell.  He was finally feeling 'at home' and his did an amazing job posing for the camera.  The photos down by the football field were fun to take.  We went all over, but by the time we got to the baseball field, the gates were locked.  It didn't stop us though, Zak was able to climb through the dugout and I simply grabbed my telephoto lens and peeked through the windows of the dugout and holes in the fence to grab a few fun photos.  Some shoots are easy, some  you have to work for, but it's all fun and that's why I love doing what I do!  A good challenge is exciting!  Congrats Zak, and best wishes for the future, I'm sure you're going to do great things!


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The 'B' Family The leaves are turning, the temps are falling, and I'm having a great time meeting new families, just like this one!

  It usually takes a few minutes for everyone to warm up and feel relaxed, but by the end of the photo session, it seems as if we've known each another for ages.  Photography tends to do that.  It allows me to capture moments of people just being themselves.

The 'B' family were a pleasure to work with.  They smiled lots, didn't complain once about sitting among the wildflowers filled with bugs, and they had fun!  I also loved their clothing choices...the colors popped with the soft background greenery at the park. 

Thanks for a fun session!

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Adoption Celebration!  Today is the day...gotcha day! 

I'm so happy for this Mom and Dad as they officially add little Cain to their family.  I had so much fun working with them!  They were comfortable posing from the start, and had some great ideas of their own, which included props and signs they had made just for this occasion.  When my clients are as excited about the shoot as I am, it makes the time go by so quick, and before you know it, we're done.  The star of the show was definitely little Cain!   His big bright eyes, his adorable smile, and his bubbly personality made the session so enjoyable. 

Congratulations on your special day!!!


Cain had enough!  =)  Well done, little man, you did a great job!


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The 'G' Family - One Year Later The clouds were out, and rain was in the forecast, but it stayed clear enough to snap some fun photos of this beautiful family.  Giggles, silly faces (some made by yours truly) and lots of twirling in pretty dresses took place, but despite the mud on the ground, they all stayed pretty clean...up until the end anyway.  =)

I loved the colors they chose, all in the same teal family, yet all very different.  Good call, Mom...the color really popped with the darker background we had to work with. 

Thanks for a fun afternoon!   






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Autumn Family Fun Autumn photo shoots are my absolute favorite!  The colors of the leaves make such a beautiful background, especially when taken in the deep woods.  The brilliant gold and orange leaves mixed with the greens are just gorgeous! 

I adore this family.  They are friends of ours, and I thoroughly enjoyed our morning together.  This was their first outdoor photo shoot, but you would never know it.  Together we came up with some fun poses, and despite it being cold out, they never complained! 

I also love how they wore simple blue jeans with white shirts,
because it allowed the colors around them to really pop!


Their oldest daughter brought her friend along, so I managed to get a few photos of them together.
They were silly, and had a great time posing for me...totally comfortable in front of the camera!  See?  I told you in a previous post how 'kids' around this age love getting their photo taken.  Sometimes I think they don't even realize there's a camera around!  =)

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A Kentucky Autumn I grew up in New England, where the leaves are as brilliant as they can ever be.  The reds, oranges, yellows and greens mixed altogether always made for a spectacular show come October.  Driving down the Merritt Parkway with a canopy of color was always a favorite thing.  No matter where you'd drive within an hour of our home, you'd see color, bright vivid color!  When we moved here to Kentucky 1 1/2 years ago, I didn't expect to see much color. In fact, I didn't expect to see any at all.  I figured the leaves just turned brown and fell off.  Pretty naive, huh?  Well, last autumn was pretty, but it certainly wasn't 'New England pretty'.  This year, however, gave New England a run for it's money!  The colors were a lot more bold and they lasted a lot longer.  There weren't many reds like there are back east, but the oranges and yellows were vibrant and really stood out this year!  I'm thankful that God chose such a pretty color palate for us to enjoy during these autumn months!  Enjoy looking at some of the photos I managed to capture around the area. 



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The S Family Can you say ADORABLE?  The S family took a couple minutes to warm up, but once we got started, everyone got into it, even Dad.  I've noticed that Dads are generally a bit more timid about photo shoots than the rest of the family.  They've come because the wife wants photos, and yet in the end they always have a great time like the rest of the family!  Seeing this Dad twirl his daughters, and pose with them was so sweet!

Each of the girls enjoyed getting their photos taken, anxiously wanting to see the preview of them after each shot.  This reason alone is why you should always carry extra batteries!  =)  I had a great time shooting with the whole family!

[email protected] (Interlude Photography) Autumn Couples Family Kids Fri, 23 Oct 2015 18:44:00 GMT
Anna's Senior Photos Senior photo shoots are SO much fun!!  I've noticed that most 'kids' at this age love to have fun in front of the camera, but it always takes about 10 minutes to get them warmed up.  Once they realize they can totally be themselves, (which usually means I have to be my goofy self in front of them to make them more comfortable), the photos always get better!  Anna was a joy to work with.  She came fully prepared with several outfits and props to make her photos a great representation of who she truly is.  From what I learned, she is a very talented young lady who loves to read, she loves art and is very creative, she is passionate about life and her love for the Lord, and she is beautiful on the inside and out! 

During this photo shoot, I managed to drop my flash in the creek, step in some dog poop, then proceeded to back right into a bunch of poison ivy.  Fortunately, my lens is fine, my shoes are now clean, and I never got poison ivy!  Never a dull moment when you shoot with me!

I'm glad to have captured these photos for Anna to remember her high school years.  Hopefully one day she will look back on them with fond memories...and maybe even a few laughs.

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A Moment in Time This has to be one of my most favorite photo shoots, not just because of the ethereal feel to the whole session, but because the kids were absolutely adorable and were so much fun to work with!  Little Mr. C was full of life and mischief.  The shoot was mainly for his big sister, but we managed to grab a few photos of him in between her poses.  Miss E had such a gentle spirit about her, and her smile was so contagious! She was a poser, and was more than willing to help out to get just the right photo.  She even had her own ideas that resulted in some adorable photos!

After editing, the photos came out exactly as I had hoped.  The ethereal look in some of the photos make it seem like Miss E jumped right out of the pages of a Jane Austen novel.  What's not to love about that! 

Thank you Mr. & Mrs. K for allowing me to 'snap' at your children!  =)

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Independence, Kentucky Fireworks - July 4, 2015 We live in a quaint little town in northern Kentucky called Independence.  I heard that years ago they never did anything big for the 4th of July, but that all changed when they realized that since the town is called 'Independence', it's high time they celebrate big time on a holiday that bears the town name.  So, now they have a 2 day celebration which includes lots of booths with food, games and more, amusement rides, concerts, balloons (last year hot air balloons, this year hundreds of lanterns) a big parade through town and at the end of it all...the fireworks show, some of the best fireworks in the state!  This year they lasted nearly 40 minutes!  People come from all over just to see them.  Fortunately for us, we live only a couple miles from where they are, so it's something we get to experience every year now. 

Here are a few photos I took last night while enjoying them with the family.  Enjoy and Happy 4th of July!

Happy Birthday, America!


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The 'G' Family - A Beautiful Adoption Story I had the complete privilege of doing a family photo shoot for the 'G' family.  Their story is amazing, and seeing the smiling faces on those beautiful children made this shoot so much fun!  These 5 were totally meant for one another, and I know that God brought them together for a purpose.  Read their story boards and enjoy the photos of this beautiful family. 

Congratulations to the 'G' Family, and may God bring you blessings in years to come!!  Thank you for allowing me to take your photos.

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The 'B' Family What a pleasure it was to work with the 'B' Family!  We decided to do this photo shoot at an old homestead in Boone County.  We had hoped there would be more snow on the ground, but we made the most of the beautiful warm sunny day, sloshing around in the snow and mud.  I'm glad I wore boots!  =) 

The two boys were such a delight!  I enjoyed seeing them interact with both their parents and grandparents.  They were a little cautious and didn't look at the camera at first, but they quickly warmed up after we decided to use a few snowballs to grab their attention.  When you're a photographer, you do whatever it takes to get those 'perfect' shots!  My son came with me as a back-up shooter, and I promised the boys that if they smiled for a few more photos, they could throw snowballs at my son.  It worked!  My son was a great sport, and I'm glad he was there with me.  He's come a long way and took some great 'extra' shots that we included in the package. 

Thank you 'B' Family, for a fun afternoon!

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Barns of Kentucky I am completely obsessed with barns!  There are so many beautiful barns right here in central & northern Kentucky!  Horse barns, cow barns, abandoned barns...I love them all!  Sometimes the more run down, the better.  If we're driving down the road and I see one just around the corner, I will often turn around and go back for that photo.  I have to confess, I've even taken a few photos while driving...not the smartest thing I've done, but at least I only do that when there is absolutely no one else on the road but me.   These are some of my favorites.  Enjoy! 

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We've Moved! I realize that I haven't posted on the blog in several months, but I have a very good reason.  Our family moved halfway across the country!  We moved from the New England state of Connecticut, to the mid-western state of Kentucky!  Hands down, one of the best moves we've ever made.  We truly love it here and are adjusting quite well to our new surroundings. 

The one downside to moving?  Finding new clients!  It will be a challenge to find new clients here since we know pretty much NO one (ha ha), but I'm hopeful that in time they will come out of the woodwork.  In the mean time, I will be shooting just about anything and everything else I can in this great state of Kentucky!

We took a quick drive to Lexington - horse country - and had a wonderful time looking at the beautiful farms all around us.  Here are just a few photos from that trip.

Our small town is called needless to say, the 4th of July (Independence Day) was celebrated in a big way!  There were carnival rides, hot air balloons, musicians, parades and of course, lots of awesome fireworks! 

So, keep checking back for more photos, either here on my website/blog, or on my facebook page.  The link is at the top of your page.

Thanks!  I hope you have a wonderful day!

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Let it snow!! of God's most fragile creations.

Have you ever stopped to look at the details of one single snowflake?  There are billions and billions of flakes, yet no two are the same.  If God cares that much about them, imagine how much He cares for us, who were created in His image.  Truly amazing!

Enjoy these photos, they were so much fun to take.  I stood out in the bitter cold while it was snowing to get these camera got wet, I nearly froze, and my hair got soaked...but it was SO worth it.  Can't wait until it snows again!

All photos were taken with my macro lens, no tripod, no flash...just handheld in natural light.

[email protected] (Interlude Photography) Sun, 12 Jan 2014 05:05:43 GMT
A New York City Christmas

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G & A say 'I do'... What's more romantic than a wedding in early November with the leaves falling, a cool breeze in the air and a bride & groom who will be kissing for the very first time ever?  All that PLUS the gorgeous Bill Miller's Castle in Branford, Connecticut.  I've never seen such a romantic place with gorgeous iron gates, beautiful stain glass windows (all from Yale University), wrought iron railings and lots of nooks and crannies for great photo ops! 

Mr. & Mrs. T tied the knot on November 7th on a rainy day, but it did not stop them from having the time of their lives.  I had the privilege of taking their wedding photos for them, and it was obvious that they are so much in love.  I wish them many wonderful years together full of good health & happiness.

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Sterling Opera House The Sterling Opera House is a magnificent building that sits in the little town of Derby, in home town!  It was built in 1889 and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1968.  It was designed by H.G. Ficken, who also designed Carnegie Hall.  In it's heyday, it was an opera house (until 1933), but after that, part of it was used to serve as Derby's City Hall and Police Station...complete with creepy looking prison cells.

Many famous people have appeared at the Sterling:  John Philip Sousa, Bing Crosby, Red Skelton, Harry Houdini, Donald O’Connor, Amelia  Earhart, and John and Ethel Barrymore, many whose autographs and hand prints adorn the walls below the stage.  Harry Houdini even left part of his 'act' there...the trap door he used in his act to escape from the stage.  A rope still hangs above it today.

Many say this building is haunted (the building was featured on a TV show about it), but since I don't believe in ghosts, I'll just take their word for it. While walking through this building, I was fascinated by the hidden beauty that lies beneath the chipped paint, dust and musty smell.  I think this gem should be cleaned up, refurbished and brought back to it's former beauty.  Right now it just sits there awaiting a makeover.  The outside has been cleaned up and looks wonderful, but the inside is just sitting in limbo.  People use it for photo shoots and personal gain, but frankly, I think it's such a waste sitting there in such a state.  It belongs to the city, so it should be used and enjoyed by those who live here.  What a great way to bring business back to this small 5 sq. mile town in southern Connecticut.

Come visit & 'like' my Facebook page too!

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Philadelphia Bronze This past weekend I had the privilege once again of being the photographer for the Philadelphia Bronze.  This handbell choir is fantastic!  The group consists of approximately twelve ringers (both men and women), and one amazing conductor, Martha Alford. 

Because this group is based out of the Philadelphia area, I thought it would be fun to capture the city at night from across the water in Camden, New Jersey.  Wow, what a spectacular view!  It was extremely windy on Friday evening, so the lighting is a bit blurred, but the city still looked magnificent! 

The next morning I stopped in during their rehearsal to snap a few photos, and take individual shots of each group member.  It was so much fun to hear the beautiful music as I worked.  I wish every photo shoot had background music playing like this.  =)


Our afternoon ended outdoors when I took photos of the handbell choir in concert dress.  They looked fabulous, and as always, were so much fun to work with!  If you ever get the chance to see them in concert, please go!  I know you'll be blessed!!


For more information on the Philadelphia Bronze handbell choir, please visit their website or visit their facebook page.

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A Picture is worth... You know the old saying..."A picture is worth a thousand words"?  Well, sometimes photos speak for itself, but sometimes I love to add words to my photos, usually in the form of verses, quotes or poems. 

Here are a some of my favorites....


Want to request a verse, quote or saying?  Just send me an email and I'll see what I can do.

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Mr. & Mrs. G I had the privilege of taking photos of Mr. & Mrs. G...friends I met many years ago.  They recently celebrated 25 years of marriage and wanted photos to capture their love for one another.  We had a great time, and once they warmed up to posing in front of my camera lens, were quite comfortable.  Thanks for the great day, and blessings to you both on this special occasion!  

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Am I allowed favorites? I've done many photo shoots over the past few years, but a particular one really stands out in my memory.  I fell in love with this family and enjoyed the evening with them despite the horrible humid overcast weather.  I was certain the heavens were going to open up during our shoot, but fortunately the rains held off.  The cloudy skies actually made for beautiful lighting, which was a blessing in disguise. 

Just look at those gorgeous kids, you can't help but fall in love.  They were happy, cooperative, and so easy to photograph!  Most people are very shy and quiet when they have to pose for the camera, but things were so natural with this whole family, it made my job so easy.

So, if I'm allowed to have favorite photo shoots, this would have to be one of them! 


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Derby Community Endowment I had the privilege of being the photographer for the second year in a row for the Derby Community Endowment.  Thanks to Mark Nichols for planning this event, and for leading the Endowment projects in our town.  We live in the smallest town in the state, so a night like this is very important.  Here are a few of the photos...

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